“They were only words… “


Just a woman trying to survive the ins/outs, ups/downs, triumphs/tragedies of life. With some humor. And some perspective.

The *inspiration* behind this blog:
We were two people who met and became fast and furious friends, lovers, and what we swore were lifelong partners, but then fell apart due to infidelity.
Almost 6 years of love, adventure, fun, family, friends, hopes, dreams and life-changing events . . .

His defense? “They were only words. It was only a game.”

He told her that he had never been “so open” before (even tho he had been married twice before me . . .) and that he finally felt “at home.”

He was going to meet her at a hotel four hours after I discovered their inappropriate, explicitly and overtly sexual chain of emails.

He stated that he didn’t care what the “consequences” were, nor the “side effects”.  He was going to have her no matter what. And there were many “matters what”. . .

So, here I am. With only words.

*** This blog is not suited for those that are faint of heart, easily shocked and/or considered “genteel”. ***

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