“They were only words…”

Going to try to find some peace.  Thank you all.    xoxo

Posts in my queue will publish…

Just a woman trying to survive the ins/outs, ups/downs, triumphs/tragedies of life. With some humor. And some perspective.

The man I loved for six years had an affair:

” risk taking is not about going into something dangerous, it is about determining that the benefit of what be (sic) achieved greatly outweighs any consequence.  Not having you is worse than any possible side effect. ”  – Bob “Clo”, Jr. PhuckingD to Viktoria.

Yet he told me that “They were only words to her.”

And, oh fuck yeah. . .there were many side effects AND consequences . . .

To Bob,  I was/am nothing but an irrelevant, meaningless, trivial consequence. I am forever altered and irrevocably damaged by his presence . . .  by his actions . . . by his words . . .by his very being . . .

So, here I am. With only words.

And each time I feel badly about this blog, all I have to do is think about his statement that he doesn’t care about consequences. Not to mention how he left me in a mental black hole, with permanent physical damage, and one big-ass financial shithole. And he doesn’t care about consequences.

*** This blog is not suited for those that are faint of heart, easily shocked and/or considered “genteel”. ***

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