“They were only words…”

Going to try to find some peace.  Thank you all.    xoxo

Posts in my queue will publish…

Just a woman trying to survive the ins/outs, ups/downs, triumphs/tragedies of life. With some humor. And some perspective.

The man I loved for six years had an affair…

Yet he told me that “They were only words to her.”

And, oh fuck yeah. . .there were many side effects AND consequences . . .

To Bob,  I was/am nothing but an irrelevant, meaningless, trivial consequence. I am forever altered and irrevocably damaged by his presence . . .  by his actions . . . by his words . . .by his very being . . .

So, here I am. With only words.

And each time I feel badly about this blog, all I have to do is think about his statement that he doesn’t care about consequences. Not to mention how he left me in a mental black hole, with permanent physical damage, and one big-ass financial shithole. And he doesn’t care about consequences.

*** This blog is not suited for those that are faint of heart, easily shocked and/or considered “genteel”. ***

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