“Dip your pen into your arteries and write.” — William Allen White

Super slammed at work and of course, a million things to do at home and outside of the office in general. Probably won’t be posting as often (so sad you are, I know . . .) unless I am about to have ( yet another) complete breakdown due to stress. Or duress. Or whichever – Bob was constantly correcting my misuse of those words/terms.

I leave you with this image:


As I try to move past the upcoming day and skip right over 10.12.14.

Which, btw, would probably have looked something like this at some point on that date:

love it

Instead, I’ll be dealing with my daughter’s reconstructive surgery. The date is quickly approaching and my consumption of Xanax is increasing. Not much worse than seeing your child in pain and helpless.

A very big thanks to all of you that follow my blog or just might happen upon it randomly. This helps me more than I can say. Altho I try, eh?  Hot damn – I can ramble. As my friend and coworker tells me “Keep writing!” (Feel free to blame him. Hee!)

I miss Bob; I have a lot of regrets and try not to beat myself up too badly for my attempts to work thru this pain, rage, disappointment and despair. I’ve said and thought some things that I wouldn’t normally; some of it I truly cannot believe I would  have ever imagined possible. But then again, I never imagined that I’d be yet again, a victim of infidelity, disrespect and mockery. I had/have to deal with it somehow, and for much of it, this is my outlet. Trying to unlove someone is ridiculously hard.

Be well everyone – and try to remember what I try to remind myself when I am feeling out of sorts:

Every day above ground is a good day.”


One thought on ““Dip your pen into your arteries and write.” — William Allen White

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  1. The quote above is similar to one, which I tell others often…”everyday is a good day, even when it isn’t.” Each day we are above ground is a day to rejoice, because tomorrow is not promised. Trying to un-love someone is definitely a difficult road, but loving yourself more, is far a better focus. That’s an opinion on my end of course.

    Right now, in my opinion, the person who cheated is not deserving of sorrow, pain, etc. At this moment, they are enjoying their days, as you remain conflicted with sorrow, anger, etc. Do not lend your energy to someone who betrayed your trust, especially in this manner. I genuinely wish your week the best

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