“I am my words.” *reposting edited v. 11:11 11.11*

“No one could ever be better for me.”

“You are never going to get rid of me. ”
“I wish we had met 30 years ago.”
“I wish we could have a baby together. “
“You are the love of my life. “
“Please don’t ever leave me. “
“I have never been so happy.”
“You are wonderful. “
“I could have never made it without you.”
“I hate to think of my life without you. “
“I don’t know what I’d do without you. “
“No one has ever driven me to the airport before.”
“I love your skin. “
“I love your body.”
“You have the most incredible legs.”
“I love doing anything with you. “
“I love having you in the car with me.”
“I’m so proud when I walk in a room with you.”
“Thank you for everything you do for me.”
“You are so beautiful. “
“I miss you and can’t wait to get home! “
“I love our bed.”
“I can’t sleep without you.”
“I never would have done anything fun without you.”
“You are the best thing that ever happened to me.”
“Oh, what you do to me!”
“I love you, baby.”
“I love YOU more.”
“I love you SO much.”

Hey Bob?
I loved you, too.
You have my word.
I would move heaven and earth (and you know that’s been proven) to be able to be us again.
But I can’t.
I’ve tried.


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