All part of Bob’s “game”


From June 9, 2013

An excerpt from him to Viktoria Popova-Gon (who has since dropped the “Gon- -” following her divorce.)

The night after our conversation in the train station, as we parted, I felt horrible the entire train ride home.  I so desperately wanted to telephone you and say things to you that I am still afraid to say in terms of how I feel about you.  Not knowing what else to do, I texted you a smiley face to see if you at least acknowledged it to know it would be safe to call, but my phone battery died, and i had no phone for two and a half hours of panic wondering if you replied, ignored me, told me to go away….it was the longest most uncomfortable 2 hours of my life.  When I got back to Albany and plugged my phone into my car, about half way back i had enough power to be able to turn the phone on.  The returned smile was the perfect response.  I knew everything would be okay, and the next day when you told me that we could talk but no discussions of dividing flatware or plates, I knew that you felt the same. > > I can’t believe that I am telling you all of this, but as you said about “feeling at home”….  I have never been this open in my life…that’s why I always hid behind my writing.

Awesome, eh? Who wouldn’t love to see that written by their fiance to another woman? No wonder I’m so fucked up.

Way to go “Bob Clo” . . .



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  1. Yes , I understand , i’m still pretty fucked up too. Only ever able to see the one text message (that I discovered on my d-day). He was typing to her ” Play with who? Play with you of course, in person or the next best thing!!! Made me sick to my stomach. Now you tell me is that what someone says if they NEVER met in person? I think not. He still claims that they never met in person. LOL and throw up at the same time.

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  2. And seriously? I never, ever would have believed that anyone could be so callous, calculating and cruel; so hypocritical and such a liar. All without any empathy for anyone at all.
    And seriously, too? I never, ever thought that I could be so damaged by another human being. Such overwhelming heartbreak and anguish. So incredibly horrific.


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