635 . . .well . . .636

robertjamescloughertyjrphd ACK

That’s how many posts I have written for this blog.

This blog . . .

its title is from a text that my daughter told me she had sent to Bob.

It, obviously, wasn’t significant to him. Just like all of us that had been there for him for six years.

One of my very favorite sixteen year olds in the world said to me this weekend: “Do you miss him? Do you think he ever misses us? We were looking at pictures from birthdays and holidays and stuff, and I just wondered.”

I just wonder too.

And I took my time formulating my answer to him.

So I said “Yes, I miss him. But I think if he missed us, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. And I am so sorry he hurt you.”

Then, of course, I had to walk away and cry. When he was a very little boy, this young man lost his father (who was also far too young . . .) tragically. I hated to have brought him any further pain by bringing Bob into our lives.

“Maria – – – fate can be very cruel.”

True story # 636.


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