I just want to take a post and thank each and every one of you that follows my blog.
I’d also like to thank those that stop by, whether by serendipity or design.
This stuff?
It means a lot to me.
I guess because Bob meant so fucking much to me.

It’s my outlet and my saviour, of sorts.
And by that same token, all of you are the forces that keep my heart beating while it tries so.very.hard. to mend and my soul from dying any further.
I don’t feel quite so alone, crazy (welll…open for debate…) or so hopeless.

So thanks for being here; thanks for sharing my posts. (Truly flattered.)

I think you can tell that I love with everything I have; I am fiercely loyal and honest to a fault.

You readers? You mean a lot to me, too.
You rock.


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