Ahh . . . ACK . . . Agh . . .


“Will you put sunblock on my back? I can’t reach and don’t want to look like Bob. Remember Bobster?”

Yesss, I sure will because I remember.

“I have never seen a sunburn that bad in twenty-five years of living here.”

Yesss, I believe that.

“Ria! Guess where we’re going for dinner tonite? Your favorite!”

Yesss. . . Jetties?

Yup! Remember we all used to go there?”

Yesss, I sure do.

“We do have an air pump. We can use the one Bob used for balloons.”

Yesss, we could.

“That’s the beach with the big waves Bob used to swim in with us.”

Yesss, I know.

“Jared Coffin House, White Elephant. . . You know?”

Yesss, I absolutely do.

“Have you stayed in the off-season before?”

Yesss, I have.

“My cousin’s boyfriend told me . . .”

Yesss, he sure did.

“Do you know where the ice rink is?”

Yesss, I certainly do.

“Do you know who gave us this license plate game?” * big grin *

Yesss, I remember.

“Can we bring Dungeons and Dragons Clue?”

Yesss, you sure can.

“I am reading ‘Frankenstein’ right now.”

Yesss, I see that.
(Of course you are. . .)

“Does he still have those Ray Bans I gave him?”

Yesss, I’ll bet he does.

“See Ria? You could move here and get a fresh start.”

Nooo, I don’t think I could.



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