Sometimes like now


Sometimes I think about when VikWhoRia told me that it was “very obvious” that Bob and I “have something very special”.

Sometimes I wonder what would have prompted such a statement?

That was a day or two after she told me that she would “never have anything to do with” him.
“No matter what, I will never be with him.”
Sometimes I can’t wrap my brain around those statements.

Sometimes I remind myself about how she also told me that she knows what it feels like to be betrayed.

Sometimes I think about what a scheming,Β  conniving, lying, opportunistic, self-serving evil slut she is.

Sometimes – far too often, truth be told – I think about the two of them doing all of the things that Bob and I used to do . . .

Sometimes I want to die.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes like now

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  1. She’s proof that words are just words and hold no meaning to them unless shown in action. People like her are part of the reason I have such a hard time trusting females. You would think that we’d look out for each other instead of stab each other in the back.

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    1. I just keep thinking about all those horrific emails of her telling him he makes her wet and that she “never though it’s possible.” (I’d “sic” that, but I think that’s her Russianesque English, so she more than likely meant to use that contraction . . . It still deserves a “sic”, imo.)
      I mean, ffs – – – gimme a break. You’re 40 and have been married for at least 15 years . . . And who needs to be married for that anyway? You’re female, ffs.
      I keep thinking, too, of my lawyer friend’s astonishment at the greed and ruthlessness of Russian woman going thru a divorce. I know she’s seen a whole lot, so for her to remark that they’re the worst she has ever even imagined is memorable. I know him – and his kids are gonna be SOL, and that’s a shame. She saw him coming – big time. Most importantly to me, she fucking lied to me and played a game with my life, and I will never forgive nor forget that.


  2. You’re directing your anger at the wrong person. If it hadn’t been her, it would’ve been someone else. You say you’d take him back? And you don’t think he’d just do it again? Doesn’t sound much like you want to get over him. Think of all the time you’re wasting pining for someone who obviously saw YOU coming. Move on as a stronger and wiser person or forever wallow in misery, all over a low-life snake.

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    1. I know there is no taking him back. It is unrealistic in every way possible. Everyone in my life shares your POV, and I get it.
      I really hope to NOT wallow in misery forever. I don’t know wtf is wrong with me except I feel damaged in so many ways. The fact that this has had such a hold on me makes me feel all the more like a failure. Thanks for the comment.


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