VDay card from Bob

Something, isn’t it?” she says. “To be betrayed the person supposed to protect you?”

~ Hecate


4 thoughts on “Hell

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  1. I can’t like this but I can say how devoted you are to even have any cards from The elusive Bob
    I burned all of mine even my wedding cards
    If he hadn’t kept the letters from Iraq
    On his own accord I would have burned those too
    In my wonderful BBQ grill

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    1. Ohhh. . . We had a bonfire . . . Or two . . . Not all the cards survived; some were tucked away in a box I had forgotten about. Yeah, you know, I loved him when he left that first morning to his chick on the side, and didn’t have the time nor know-how to unlove him. He didn’t love me, though. Obviously.
      Advantage: Bob.


  2. I agree . . . I think, I mean I can only speak to Bob . . .it’s an odd kind of love for sure . . .
    My standards aren’t even all that high, but “Respect me and us, don’t cheat.” is pretty much at the top. . . Too bad that was too hard for Bob to follow thru with.



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