Crank it to 11

Have you ever had one of those days when you just feel as though your head is going to explode and blow right off your neck?


Welcome to my day.

I think it ‘s a culmination of everything that has gone wrong/assholian people/eejits/malfunctions/debts/mistakes/exhaustion/frustration over the past few weeks. I’m usually the calm one . . . the voice of reason . . . 

Personally and professionally just overwhelmed. Spread wayyyy too thin and too much responsibility and pressure. 


All the undercurrent to a total meltdown which will more than likely culminate on Saturday during a memorial service for a friend; a loss due to an odd lot of circumstances which resulted in  a totally crazy; an untimely, tragically ironic death.

It’s all too fucking much today. It’s fucking gorgeous out. My day should not be this shitty. 

P.S. To my dear neighbors: I hope you like Pearl Jam, mixed with a bit of Stone Temple Pilots, topped off by anything Chris Cornell that I can find . . .  I gotta see a balcony about a glass of sangria . . .




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