And so it began… aka Fuck. You.


Bob to VikWhoRia:

I could not stop thinking about you all night, the next day, but I told myself that I was just over-reacting, it was just my reaction to a beautiful woman who also happened to be brilliant and fun.  It will pass.  When I walked in and saw you at lunch, wearing a gray shirt and a scarf, you were even more beautiful.  If you hadn’t insisted on talking to me, I would have insisted on speaking to you.  We began to talk and out intellects clicked together.  I was overwhelmed again.  Just my mind being weird I thought. > > I put your project on the top of my list to have more reason to talk to you.  Our intellectuals connections accelerated. The number of emails increased, the spirit more fun and open, and I was trying to be very careful, thinking this could only be my imagination and my desire for you to desire me.   I set up a trip to NYC, I needed a trip, but I also needed desperately to see you (if you had said you couldn’t make it that day, I would have cancelled or rescheduled).  >


iphone of doom


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