And so it continued . . . aka it’s only going to worse . . .

fucked up


Mind you, this was all openly available to me… and he knew it… 

“Everything I have is yours to use. You don’t ever have to ask…”

And yeah, this shit was beyond painful to read. I don’t even have the words. . .

Cruel. Mean. Devious. Inappropriate. Disturbing.  Shocking. Traumatic. Wrong.

Bob to VikWhoRia:

The night after our conversation in the train station, as we parted, I felt horrible the entire train ride home.  I so desperately wanted to telephone you and say things to you that I am still afraid to say in terms of how I feel about you.  Not knowing what else to do, I texted you a smiley face to see if you at least acknowledged it to know it would be safe to call, but my phone battery died, and i had no phone for two and a half hours of panic wondering if you replied, ignored me, told me to go away….it was the longest most uncomfortable 2 hours of my life.  When I got back to Albany and plugged my phone into my car, about half way back i had enough power to be able to turn the phone on.  The returned smile was the perfect response.  I knew everything would be okay, and the next day when you told me that we could talk but no discussions of dividing flatware or plates, I knew that you felt the same. > > I can’t believe that I am telling you all of this, but as you said about “feeling at home”….  I have never been this open in my life…that’s why I always hid behind my writing.



Buckle in folks. . .


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