I have a post brewing inside of me . . .

It’s long and deep and full of feeling . . .

It’s painful and honest and long overdue.

It’s real and true and you will know more about me than the people who are closest to me.

You see, they can’t bear to hear me cry the whole while I’m trying to talk,

So I don’t.

They wanted to help me, and they have, but they think I should be all better by now.

But I’m not.

And I fear that I never will be.

I keep it inside and it destroys me a little bit more every day.

I loved a man with all my heart and they don’t understand fully why I can’t see how much better off I am.

Completely understood.

But it doesn’t really help.

Nothing does.

So, when I get the time, the post will follow.

And so will the tears.

Because here. . .

I am safe.

I can’t hurt those that care about me by letting them down.

I hurt.

But it won’t hurt them.

And that’s important. 

That . . .

Is what I am all about.


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