I loved that man.

He hurt more than these thousands upon thousands of words I have written can possibly express. More even than all the words ever written at Yaddo…❀️🌲πŸ₯€ Β (Albeit certainly a whole lot less beautiful, poetic, profound or renowned…but to me, just as important…)

He gave me hope.

He gave me promise(s).

He gave me happiness.

He gave me a disease.

He gave me heartbreak.

He gave me devastation.

I give him this.

It’s all I know.

It’s my reality.

It’s my savior when he should have been.

It’s truth and pain and the most horrific experience and I hate every single second of it.

I love(d) him.

I just wish that (had) mattered.

I wish I had mattered.

I guess I wish I (still?) did.

(Did I ever? Really?)Β 

(That’s an eternity of bad thoughts.)


2 thoughts on “Sacrifice(d).

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  1. ((Hugs)). You have a way with words. I am not able to express my feelings so eloquently having recently suffered the pain of divorce. I wish you healing as you continue on this journey.


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