After I die, someone that knows me will find this blog and think: Jesus fucking Christ. I had no idea. How did she ever even get out of bed? And I shall whisper in their ear: Good fucking question.


Ten Years After

Not the band... But the age of the mattress I sleep on. How can I remember? Because Bob bought the set when he moved to Saratoga in the spring of 2007. I remember meeting him for the first time. He walked past my desk after the then current dean introduced us. He turned and looked … Continue reading Ten Years After

Ready, Steady, Go

I'm almost ready to reopen the box containing mementos of our time together and pare it down even more. So bizarre. I truly thought that one day, our grandchildren would go thru those "treasures" and want to hear the stories attached to them. Bob and I often talked about what Trouble we were in for … Continue reading Ready, Steady, Go