Girl talk ❤️

My daughter and her best friend have been besties for 20 years. They’re both 30.

A. (No…I’m not trying to rip off Pretty Little Liars…) has spent an immeasurable amount of time with my daughter, with our family, with me, in my home, on road trips, holidays, vacations, shopping, sleepovers, dining out – for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between – and living with me, no questions asked, for three weeks straight after they graduated (together) from college.

We’ve shared driving lessons, graduations, birthdays, award ceremonies, concerts, first days of school, last days of school, first kisses, first boyfriends, engagements, weddings, and now…

A. had a baby girl last week. ❤️

There were some pregnancy complications – very serious ones – and labor went on for three days, culminating in a c-section. The baby weighed in at only 3.5 pounds, but is, amazingly relatively healthy. She is a fighter, no doubt.

So, my girls will have girls that will grow up together and will more than likely, be as deeply connected as their mothers.

My daughter and A. are three months apart. Their girls will be three months apart. On one hand, it’s unbelievable, yet on the other, it makes perfect sense. What else could have happened, I mean really? ❤️

I received a thank you note from A. for a shower gift, and in addition to the usual thanks, she wrote that she couldn’t wait for her daughter and my granddaughter to benefit from having me to teach them and give them all the unforgettable kindness and generous experiences that I bestowed upon her and my daughter.

Powerful.  I have had such a difficult time finding sustainable light in the past few years. Bob was supposed to be here for all of this, instead he betrayed and rejected all of us. That thank you note, acknowledging my worth, lifted me in a way I’ve been longing for – searching for – hoping for.

I felt so validated. Important. I matter.

And I cannot wait to meet my granddaughter. ❤️


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