A promise to myself. . .

      I wonder what my last thought will be the time that I lay down and never get back up again? What will be the final thing that I think about before I won't ever have to think anymore? I can tell you this... I just truly hope it isn't how much I... Continue Reading →


What’s in a name?

"Please tell me you're not going to hurt yourself!?" You said to me, that's if texting counts as a replacement for an actual phone call. Or, better still, face to face conversation. You were so concerned, after all... ***Rolling my eyes to the fucking skies *** Motherfucker? Oh, yes - that's right - you were... Continue Reading →

It’s an adjective! It’s a verb! It’s a noun!

I will never hurt you, Baby! Those fucking words from your fucking mouth all of the fucking time. Six fucking years. Fucking lies. Fucking liar. Fuck. You. Fuck me for trusting you. Fuck me for believing you. Fuck me for fucking you. You never really gave a flying fuck. So, really, fuck you.

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