What’s in a name?

“Please tell me you’re not going to hurt yourself!?” You said to me, that’s if texting counts as a replacement for an actual phone call. Or, better still, face to face conversation.

You were so concerned, after all…

***Rolling my eyes to the fucking skies ***

Motherfucker? Oh, yes – that’s right – you were offended when I had called you that after finding out that you were with her in NYC … OK, so Russianfucker? How’s that for … accuracy?

I could never hurt myself as badly as you have hurt me.

You drove me to the point of no return ….

As Will Hoge says “Suicide ain’t a matter of degrees …”

You didn’t care what happened to me. You only cared what people would think about you.

You Motherfucker.

You destroyed me. My life is forever tainted by what you did to me.

It makes no difference what I call you.

You should have called me.

As time goes by, I realize more and more just how little you cared.

I am able to be more (brutally) honest with myself and accept that you never really loved me. At. All.

How could you have? You lied. You used me. You ruined me. You…

Mother. Fucker.

How many times had you told her when you first started your affair “I wish I you had met 30 years ago!!” ? Ummm… You would have been 23 and she… 10… (There’s a name for that…)

The two of you deserve each other. Just … how does one liar trust another?

And it’s none of my business
And I don’t wanna get involved
If you’re thinking that she’s good

God no, God no

She’s got you on your knees like a little boy
Everybody sees that you’re just a little toy
She’s got a boxful that her daddy likely bought

She asks you if you love her, and you nod and say “uh huh”
She’s got you where it hurts but you don’t seem to see
That while she’s out at work, she’s doing what you did to me


~ Jade Bird


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